We have a new website that gives you a complete overview of what we can do for you

Now that our new website has been launched, which we are pleased to share with you, giving you an insight into which transport challenges we can solve for you or your business. As our customer, collaborator or stakeholder, you can visit our business online and find any information about our company and our services.

It has now become quick and easy to get a complete overview of what we can offer you as a client, so we can start planning your shipping solutions right away. At the same time our website is designed to act as a platform that shows, who we are and what values ​​are important to us.

CTS Express website overview

We are a company that emphasizes highly on professionalism, which is why it was important for us to ensure, that our website reflected the same values. The design is modern and future-proof ensuring that we can provide you with the best user experience possible when you visit our website.

Visit our website from all devices

It’s no longer just desktop computers that are used to visit websites and browse the internet, therefore it was crucial for us that our website was responsive and worked on all platforms. Our website can be accessed without any issues from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone without compromising the user experience.

Whether you’re on the move, at the office, at home or in a fourth place, you’ll always have the opportunity to read what we as a full service carrier offer you. You can also visit our website if you are not Danish-speaking, as it is available in other languages, such as English. On our website, you can stay updated on the latest news, giving you an insight into what is happening at our place of business.

CTS Express responsive website

WordPress website, designed and developed by an agency

We were quickly aware that we needed to collaborate with an agency based on our needs and expectations for our new website. We chose to collaborate with the agency Layback, because they quickly realized, that we needed a web solution that was easy to maintain and update, among other things.

Our website is developed in WordPress with a customized theme to ensure that the final result lived up to the requirements we had. At the same time, we use Google Analytics and Smartlook to collect valuable data about our visitor’s behavior on the website. This enables us to optimize our website so that our users get an even better user experience.

layback logo